Thanks to the atmosphere in the office, I don’t mind commuting

At 24 years old, Ans Verbuyst is one of the youngest members of Favorite! and All Colors of Communication. She has only been on board for 2 years and yet she grew from a junior e-commerce executive to e-commerce project manager and planner. In her free moments, she mostly enjoys time with friends, good food and … clothing. “My passion for e-commerce comes from my love of fashion. As long as it’s street style.”


Amazon and the digital future

"My choice to study digital communications was very rational: I knew that digital was the future. So there would always be job security.” Indeed, Ans quickly found her first workplace after graduation. Where? You guessed it: at All Colors of Communication. Meanwhile, Amazon no longer holds any secrets for Ans. “It’s a platform you have to learn to work with, not rocket science. Though there are a lot of tricks and loopholes. If you have to figure all that out yourself, it takes a lot of time. Today we are supporting a number of customers with their Amazon stores. We take care of the store pages, product pages and ads. This is important, especially now that Amazon has also entered Belgium.” The e-commerce team today consists of four people and runs smoothly under Ans’ leadership. “Monitoring everything, keeping an eye on the schedule … I love it.”


Commuting from Mechelen to Kobbegem

Two years ago, Ans was still living in Weerde, barely a 20-minute drive from the office. In the meantime, she has moved to Mechelen. “Yet distance is not an issue”, says Ans. “We are free to work from home, as long as we are in the office twice a week. It’s perfect that way. It provides variety and social contact.” Especially the latter is important to Ans. “The atmosphere in the office is so nice that I simply forget about the commute. We are a small and cool family. Management just sits at a desk with us. Everyone gets along and there is no hierarchy at all.”


The atmosphere in the office is so nice that I simply forget about the commute. We are a small and cool family. Management just sits at a desk with us. Everyone gets along and there is no hierarchy at all.


Social animal and fashionable foodie

What excites Ans outside of work? Friends, good food and fashion. “I live together with two friends. It’s fun, because there is always life in the house. In the evening, we often go out for dinner or meet up with the former Chiro leadership at our regular pub. You might notice, I really like to chat. At the office I try to hold back, but I don’t always succeed”, she laughs. “I’m always looking for new dishes to try out. I share the recipes on my Instagram and the leftovers I take to the office. That’s why they call me the ‘foodie influencer’ around here. But secretly, half of the time I am not in the kitchen myself. I prefer to eat and let others cook. Clever, right?”

And then there is her feel for fashion. Ans shops in two categories: clothes for work and for home. “Over the years I have developed a different style. I don’t immediately choose the most beautiful pieces, but rather what is special. Think of brands like Motel Rocks and The Ragged Priest. It may have a twist.” Fashion is also the reason why she eventually ended up in e-commerce. “For my internship, I went abroad to Italy. A fashion mecca, so the choice was quickly made. I was allowed to collaborate on the online store of an eyewear brand. That’s actually where it all started.” From Italy to Kobbegem: the circle is complete.

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