Selling products via Amazon? Learn how to get started with 5 tips:

Lately, it has become clear how important it is to have a good e-commerce strategy. Just like in many other businesses, your strategy might also focus on Amazon. But are you sure you are getting the most out of your efforts and campaigns? With the right approach and our tips, your turnover on Amazon is guaranteed to get a big boost.

Those who are focused on e-commerce and want to reach a large number of customers can no longer ignore Amazon. In Europe alone, the website has more than 1.1 million active sellers. Amazon has also acquired a Dutch division that, in time, could even dethrone local competitors such as Coolblue and

It is therefore worth paying close attention to your marketing strategy on Amazon. To achieve a wide reach, your product pages must be strong enough and score well in terms of SEO. Furthermore, advertisements are crucial for tapping into the true potential of Amazon. This combination is guaranteed to bring in good numbers that will make your sales teams and management very happy.

That's why we're giving you five tips that will help you increase your sales on Amazon:

1. Everything starts with well-crafted product pages

Some product pages score better than others and there are many factors responsible for this. First of all, the page itself needs to be well-crafted and as complete as possible. Provide a clear product description, good images and possibly a video. Make sure your title is SEO optimised so the page has a better chance of appearing in search results. On the rest of the page, think of terms that potential customers might search for. You can also add Amazon backend keywords that do not have an effect on Google, but can give your pages an extra boost on Amazon itself.

A strong product page has a positive effect on Amazon’s algorithm, the engine that drives traffic on the e-commerce site. This also has a snowball effect because a good selling page will automatically be treated better by the algorithm. If you don't take the time to figure this out and put a page online without thinking, you stand little chance against competitors with well-designed product pages.

Amazon is a very customer-oriented website that pays a lot of attention to the opinions of its customers. Good reviews give the algorithm a huge boost, which means your products will appear much higher in the search results. Amazon Vine is a service that allows you to send products to a number of Amazon reviewers. In turn, they create an objective review for your product page. These reviews can be recognised by the accompanying label (a yellow leaf), which customers consider a sign of trust.

2. Boost your sales by cross-selling and upselling

To give your customers an extra push, it is recommended that product pages also refer to other products. You could add similar products to your page or variations of the same product (different colours, sizes, etc.). If, for example, a company sells covers for different types of smartphones then it must indicate whether a particular cover is also available for other devices.

Make sure that customers have all the relevant information so that they can immediately see the difference between products. If there is a price difference between two or more items, you must clarify what the added value of the item with the highest price is. You can even include a comparison table with specific products to clearly communicate the added value of the price difference. By the way, don’t just emphasise the price on Amazon. Be sure to focus on your products’ features as well.

Another way to boost sales is with a Brand Store. Amazon allows you to open a “digital shop”. Think of it as a virtual shop window where you can showcase certain items. That’s another interesting page that deserves a lot of attention.

It is also important to give your products the necessary visibility on the product pages of other manufacturers. By using sponsored products, it is possible to make the aforementioned smartphone cases visible via the product page of the relevant smartphone manufacturers (Samsung, Apple, etc.).


3. Launch the right advertising campaigns

Good product pages are important, but of course Amazon is also a well-oiled advertising machine. If you roll out effective campaigns, you'll immediately see the effect in your reach and sales. There are a number of ways to advertise on Amazon. Here are two of them:

  • Sponsored Products: this advertising model increases the visibility of products you offer by placing them at the top of search results. The biggest effect is therefore in boosting sales. Be sure to focus on this because these ads will also make you appear on competitors’ product pages or in search results when customers are looking for a competing product. Of course, this is a two-way street so your competitors will probably also take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Sponsored Brands: this allows you to redirect to a page with products. This also promotes sales, but it is an excellent way to create brand awareness as well. For this type of advertising, it is important to have a Brand Store because this will positively affect your Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Unfortunately, there is no golden strategy that works for all businesses at all times. To avoid spending your ad budget incorrectly, you need to analyse and optimise campaigns continuously. Amazon allows you to capture data so you can constantly improve ads and increase your ROAS.

4. Don’t limit yourself to one marketplace

Amazon UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, etc. And not so long ago, the Dutch market was added to the list. In Amazon’s backend, you can easily switch from one marketplace to another. However, there is also a whole workflow behind this because you want your product catalogues, Brand Stores and advertising campaigns to be tip-top on all marketplaces. So make sure you have a good team to ensure that you can scale quickly and that you don’t have to limit yourself to one marketplace.

If you create a product page on Amazon Netherlands, make sure it appeals to local customers. For example, ensure that the translation is good and optimise your advertising campaigns. After all, every country has a different culture, and search behaviour can differ significantly from country to country. Quite a few companies do not pay enough attention to this, so there are opportunities for organisations that do.

5. Don’t try to do everything yourself

Optimising product pages, serving multiple marketplaces, launching and monitoring advertising campaigns, etc. You can do an incredible amount with Amazon, but your workload also increases. In fact, it is a full-time job if you want to do it well. Because of Amazon’s rapid growth, this task often falls into the lap of marketers who don’t actually have enough time for it. It is therefore recommended that you choose a partner who can take a large part of the work off your hands and who also knows how to improve your results.

Do not hesitate to call in the help of a specialised agency that can advise and assist you in all these challenges. From translations by native speakers and strong content to professional design. And, of course, advice from digital marketers who have experience with large retailers. With the right strategy, the possibilities are almost endless on Amazon.


Are you convinced that selling via Amazon is an added value and can help your company to generate extra revenue? Now comes perhaps the most difficult step: how do you get started with Amazon?

Our downloadable checklist will get you started. Here you can download it for free.

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