No velvet gloves for me. I want to make progress

Over the past decade, the entire marketing sector went through a major metamorphosis. And a lot has changed at All Colors of Communication and Favorite! as well. Daan is one of the pillars that stood the test of time. He started his adventure in 2010 as a Flash Developer. Now he is flourishing in his role as Senior Digital Account Manager. But he really gets going on Fast Food Friday. “Eating pizza or fries together with colleagues. The highlight of my week!”


Flashy rock and roll

Daan believes that marketing used to be a little bit more rock and roll than today. “The distribution of budgets was totally different: there was more budget going to the development of the final product than to its distribution. As Flash Developers, we were creating the craziest things. Our playground was huge. For example, I once helped to build an inspiration platform for Ikea Family. The result was some kind of Pinterest avant la lettre.” But what are you with a strong final product if it doesn’t reach anyone? Not much, of course. That’s why Daan is happy with the way the sector has evolved. “No more blind work. Data, analytics and insights give us many more opportunities to do new and effective things. That’s pretty cool, too.”

King of creativity and board games

When Flash came to an end, Daan jumped into the role of project manager. Along with Flash, a lot of creativity also disappeared from his workload. It took some time to get used to this, but today he sees things in a completely different way. “With an open mind I am always looking for challenges in my job. Now I am creative in coming up with solutions. It depends on how you look at it.”

Digital creativity is a thread that runs through Daan’s life, even after working hours. “We were the first family in our street with a computer. From an early age, I was drawn to all things related to gaming. A little later I found my way to cooperative board games. Those games often come with a bible of game rules, which is very overwhelming. For me, that was a trigger to organize game workshops. Think of it as a Tupperware evening: I demonstrate and teach you the rules of the game while you play. Very amusing!” When Daan became a father, pacifiers replaced Tupperware. The twinkle in his eyes reveals that he doesn’t mind. “My kids were the final pieces of my puzzle. I am a happy man!”


“With an open mind I am always looking for challenges in my job. Now I am creative in coming up with solutions. It depends on how you look at it.”


A heart for people, fast food and Temse

Daan has a natural talent for making complex things clear. An ability he can put to good use in his current position: he is responsible for the overall management of all digital projects at All Colors of Communication and Favorite!, the branch in Temse. “I consciously chose the Temse office because of its small structure and local aspect. This means that you are very close to your clients and colleagues. That’s why I love being in the office. Everything I do, I have learned from others. You pick up so much from each other. I want to give back the time that others have invested in me. Seeing young people grow by teaching them things is what I find fantastic.”

Daan is a man with a big heart, but pampering is not his thing. “Diminutives and velvet gloves are not for me. I want to make progress. And if it doesn’t work? Then it clashes, right.” People appreciate that he wears his heart on his sleeve. Colleagues find in him a listening ear, a joker, a companion and … a party animal! Every Friday, Daan gathers his colleagues for fries or pizza. His favorite? BBQ chicken. “When people go home on a full stomach, with a new skill and a smile on their face, my day has been a success.”

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