In an ideal future, I will grow into Social Media Manager, a role of which I get to explore all aspects in my current job

Lukas François (23) is one of the youngest recruits at All Colors of Communication. As Digital Executive, he is taking his first steps in digital, strategic communication and is immersed in the world of Amazon, Google and HubSpot

As a bachelor’s thesis while studying Digital Media at Thomas More university college, he started a fictional communications agency with his fellow students. There he discovered what can happen in a work environment. “Several companies and clients came to pitch their ideas. We selected the best ones to work with. Together we have, for example, published Google Search Ads, created content and analyzed some strategies”, says Lukas. He later put his knowledge about content and copywriting into practice during his graduation internship at FamousGrey. Last summer, Lukas worked as an online content creator at the municipality of Ternat.

Since February, he has been working at All Colors of Communication, which he considers as the perfect place for a first work experience. “Right now, at the beginning of my career, I can take groundbreaking steps here and work on my own future. I regularly attend internal trainings as well as seminars from Google and HubSpot Academy. During and outside of the working hours, I develop myself in other areas and then apply this as a Digital Executive”, says Lukas.

The close-knit corporate culture is what makes All Colors of Communication extremely successful as a company. Here I see only happy employees who enjoy coming to work

All Colors of Communication believes it is important to respond to strengths and talent, allowing young people to rapidly find a place in the company. “People listen to you, the management and all colleagues care about you, and they want you to feel good. We work together to find a set of tasks that fits your profile. These are priceless advantages in a job”, says Lukas. The development and guidance of talents and graduates is key, but the well-being of seniors and experts is also important. “The close-knit company culture is what makes All Colors of Communication extremely successful as an agency. Here I only see happy employees who enjoy coming to work”, Lukas continues.

“In an ideal future, I will eventually become Social Media Manager, a role of which I can already discover the first aspects in my current job. At All Colors of Communication, they offer you a job in which you want to grow yourself. They use a human approach here. That is a great strength of them as a company and it is because of this approach that I really like working here”, he concludes.

Lukas did not want go on any other job interviews after his first introduction. He just wanted to start working at All Colors of Communication. “During the second interview I was dancing in my head and soon I signed the contract of my very first job”, Lukas ends.

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