Using your phone to network – there’s nothing old-fashioned about that, if you ask me

Hearing, seeing and absorbing. This is how Kristof De Roeck, Managing Director at All Colors of Communication, learned about everything that lies behind (channel) marketing and sales. “I learned it all by seeing how things should not be.”

“Everything turns out right”. However unsolvable a situation may seem, this is usually the way Kristof (35) reacts. Sometimes he asks: “Will anybody die? No? Then don’t worry about it!”. If you are looking for someone at All Colors of Communication with a great capacity for relativising, then he’s your man. “I can relativise everything and everyone (including myself). I use that as a strength.” Kristof is also a human version of the Google search engine: he is at home in every market and often finds the best solution. That's a great asset for customers.

“Pick up your phone”

Kristof has worked in marketing for ten years, and before that he was a video reporter with the Antwerp television broadcaster ATV for three years. He is an old-school marketeer. “There’s nothing more important than building authentic, personal, long-term relationships with your customers. I network by phoning, not by emailing or hiding behind the computer. Everything gets explained far quicker on the phone, doesn’t it? Above all, I like to be face-to-face with a customer in a restaurant. There’s nothing old-fashioned about that, if you ask me.”

There’s nothing more important than building authentic, personal, long-term relationships with your customers. I network by phoning, not by emailing or hiding behind the computer

These personal relationships with customers – and the wide network that come with them – have been bearing fruit for years. Wherever you go with Kristof, people say hi or he knows someone. This people-oriented approach comes across in his campaigns. “Campaigns don’t have to win awards. They have to help the customer. This way, we aim to prove to them that they have chosen the right communications agency.”

Five years ago Kristof, together with Elke De Ridder and Laurens De Lanoeye, became part of the management team at All Colors of Communication. Three years later, they took over the company. He still works as a marketeer, but now he takes on other roles, as well. “On the one hand, as well as my management position, I aim to be a strategic sounding board for my colleagues. On the other hand, I want to stay involved with every customer: to engage with them on a personal level and emphasise the human aspect.”

Love (of racing)

When Kristof is not at work, teaching (HOGENT university) or networking, you’ll find him either on his racing bike (but you’ll have to be fast) or with his great pride: his two children and his wife. Quality time with the family is essential for Kristof, and he stresses that as a manager, as well. “We want everyone to enjoy their work and be able to put their family and private life first in the evening. Combining the two is extremely important.”

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