Justine starts at All Colors after training program: “My IBO made me much more confident”

Since the beginning of this year, Justine D’haen is officially part of the marketing team of All Colors of Communication. Yet she was not an unfamiliar face to colleagues and clients. Justine already spent a lot of time here during her internship and recently she successfully completed a training program. The latter is something she is very satisfied with: “My IBO gave me the room I needed to grow and discover my strengths. I immediately felt at home in the company.”

“I know what I want and I’m not afraid to express it. For me things are clear and easy. For those around me, it can be more difficult”, Justine laughs. Her study choices are a good example of this. “As a child, I was rather timid and wanted to be a pharmacist. But I also had a knack for languages and was fascinated by marketing. So I decided to study communication management. Probably a surprise to my family and friends; but once I get something in my head, I go for it.”


Starting with IBO contract

With that mindset, Justine knocked on the door of All Colors where she did an internship as part of the PR team. Afterwards, she came on board through an IBO contract – an individual professional training. “Those around me tried to convince me to continue studying, but I insisted that I wanted to get into the professional circuit as soon as possible”, she says. “As a school-leaver, I knew it would be difficult to carry a lot of responsibility right from the start. A training program gives you room to grow, making you stronger when you effectively become employed on a permanent basis.”

“For example, during my training I was assigned to a mentor who gave me excellent guidance. In my opinion, such a pathway is very valuable for a starter. Actually, it’s a kind of paid internship where you get time to learn all the tricks.” Still, Justine believes there is a big difference with the internship she previously completed at All Colors. “An internship is a good way to gain experience, whereas during an IBO you effectively build something with the aim of a position within the company.”


From PR to marketing

Although Justine focused on PR during her internship, today she is part of team marketing. “I noticed that PR suited me a little less and my IBO gave me the opportunity to get a taste of marketing as well. A training program is a nice way to explore your strengths and interests”, she says.

“I was also told from the beginning that I should signal if my job did not appeal to me. During your training, it is easier to change roles than when you start working on a permanent basis. For example, while I initially did mostly project management, it turned out that I also like working with clients and a role as an account manager could also be an option.”


I noticed that PR suited me a little less and my IBO gave me the opportunity to get a taste of marketing as well. A training program is a nice way to explore your strengths and interests


Right away at home

Today, Justine has a permanent contract at All Colors. The transition from her IBO to her current role went smoothly. “Basically, I am doing the same tasks as before, but with more confidence thanks to my training period. It’s definitely an advantage that you already know the people around you. I dare to bring things up more quickly and also feel much more at home in the company”, says Justine.

What she likes about her job? “Without a doubt the variety. One moment I am following up the development of a brochure, the next I am organizing an event. No two days are the same. And I need that variety; I have always had more than one hobby. One day I would go dancing, then horseback riding, then dancing again or working out. Change is what keeps things interesting for me. It’s also nice that I learn something new every day. And at the same time, I hear from colleagues that they dare to stand their ground more often thanks to me.”

And the future? “I myself hope to hold a managerial position one day. I like to bring structure and enjoy coordinating and briefing teams. I’m quite ambitious. But first, let me mature a bit; there is still so much to learn here …”

Fancy starting your professional career at All Colors just like Justine? And do you like the idea of a training program? Feel free to send an open application or view our job openings.


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