I can really be myself here: delightfully frank, ambitious and socially engaged

In a previous life she had a student job with a client. Now she is their consultant. Justine Mathys took her first steps in agency life over four years ago. Back then, she was one of the first junior profiles at All Colors. Now she’s a fixture in the PR team. Driven by a passion for communication, determined to keep on growing and delightfully frank. That's Justine all over!

Let’s go back to the beginning. “I already knew All Colors from my holiday job at Moernaut, where I was in charge of the webshop. I had a good contact with the experts at All Colors and a good feeling about the agency’s culture and offer. So when I saw a job advert for a PR consultant one day, I just had to try. I took the leap on the advice of Moernaut.”

Successfully! Justine was quickly able to win the trust of clients and built up her own network of media and journalists. At the same time, she is keen to seek out new challenges and her goal is to keep on growing. “It's something that is perfectly open for discussion here. So when I asked for more challenges, not just as regards the type of client, but the type of work too, they looked into it with me. The result? Today I have a great mix of clients, I contribute to our internal communication and I work on PR, marketing and influencer campaigns. Oh no, in the past four years I haven’t been bored for a day. Love it!”

Straightforward and a little about decibels

You naturally expect a communications expert to have the skills to be able to communicate efficiently. When Justine speaks, you’re sure to hear her. And we’re not talking just about decibels. Above all, she is clear, forceful and comprehensive.

“I like to put my message across clearly, to use plain language. No half briefings, no rash emails, no veiled or hollow words for me. My colleagues know where they are with me and no request is too much for me. I help where necessary.”

Sensitive carp

That is one of the reasons many of her colleagues love her. “I like brainstorming about new projects or clients, collaborating across areas of expertise, personal contacts among colleagues. I think that’s probably partly to do with the working environment. Transparency, communication and a no-nonsense approach are firmly established here. It’s not surprising that I feel at home here and really see some of my colleagues as friends.”

So logically enough, not everything is work-related and not everything happens during working hours. “That’s right! We’re just as likely to share delicious recipes, have a little padel competition or be there when a colleague moves house or gets married. Then I’m the first to give tips or go and support them at the town hall (laughs).”

We can only conclude that she remains true to her scout’s totem, a ‘sensitive carp’ (social, active, hardened, exacting and friendly).

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