I am a bit of a perfectionist. Right is right.

Questions about foreign VAT, dollar accounts, invoices and credit cards, it is all daily routine for Liesbeth Vranckaert, Group Finance Administration Officer. Her colleagues at All Colors of Communication know they can turn to her for anything, and not just bookkeeping.

“What you cannot do, you can learn.” Those are the words of Liesbeth (38). In a distant past, she was an account manager, PR consultant, administrative assistant and bookkeeper. The least you can say is that Liesbeth feels at home in all markets. No wonder that in a few years she has become the backbone of All Colors of Communication. Internally, she is the woman behind the numbers. And a little fact for clients and suppliers: behold the face of the person in control of the AP email address.

Bookkeeper with a great laugh

Precise, working against deadlines, and always curious. Liesbeth has been working in communication for 17 years, so her colleagues’ tasks are not strange to her. It is not easy to do the bookkeeping of All Colors of Communication, where all clients have their own requirements and procedures and where exceptions are the rule. And yet it suits Liesbeth: “I am a bit of a perfectionist. Right is right.”

You need to have some affinity with the communication sector to understand everything: retainers, POs, overservice, underservice, … these are just some of the concepts that Liesbeth deals with on a daily basis. “I have followed a diverse path and was given time to settle into my current position. I learned a lot by doing, a journey of which I am very proud.”

When you hear a contagious laugh that fills the entire room, you can be sure that Liesbeth has something to do with it. Whoever thinks that people with numbers are dull, is completely wrong. Liesbeth has her heart in her sleeve and her colleagues easily find their way to her. “That’s something I have in me, being the confidant, it has always been like that. When someone has a problem, they come to me. It is key to respond, because you automatically work better if you feel good in your job.”

All colleagues easily find a way to Liesbeth. “Being the confidant is something I have in me, it has always been like that. When someone has a problem, they often come to me. The trick is to respond to this as an HR Officer, because you automatically work better when you feel good about your job. In my previous jobs I never dared to speak up if something did not work out. Here you can, because the threshold is much lower”, she says.

D’ A Toert

A day without baking is a day not lived. At All Colors of Communication, you regularly find something tasty on the counter. This is often the result of Liesbeth’s baking skills. D’ A Toert is the baking concept with which Liesbeth completed her pastry training. Since full stomachs make happy employees, it is not surprising that Liesbeth is also concerned about the general wellbeing of her colleagues. For many colleagues, including Liesbeth, working from home over the past year was not easy: “I can perfectly do my job from home, but I missed the spontaneous chats, the consultations, and the laughter. Since corona, I appreciate our team even more than before.”

“There is a real click, we all know each other, it’s all right here.” Liesbeth thinks it is important to give every colleague a good feeling when they come in here for the first time. “Only during the VAT closings, everybody knows that I disappear inside my cocoon for a few days. And if there is a worst-case scenario, I bake a cake for the whole team so everyone is happy!”

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