From office manager to marketing team lead, such a thing can only happen at All Colors

Laura’s adventure at All Colors of Communication began 11 years ago with a spontaneous job application. Although there was no position open, it clicked right away and she got her own desk chair. And so Laura became one of the company’s first 10 employees. The chair is still there, but the location of the office has changed, her role has evolved, and the team has grown significantly. Her talent for organizing everything down to the last detail has become indispensable, as well as her focus and flexibility. We taken some time for a chat to get to know her better.

“When I first started, there was no clear division of roles. I helped where I could and was mainly helping to put things in order. I was good at that and eventually grew into Office Manager.” Because she really has a talent for organizing, she later became Event Manager. “That laid the foundation for my current role as Marcom consultant & people team leader. Especially the organizational aspect is what appeals to me in the job. Making sure that a project is built from scratch, that a creative idea becomes a reality, that everyone works together smoothly, and that the client is satisfied with the result. Great, isn’t it?”

Peace vs adrenaline kicks

In addition to her clear passion for organizing, Laura Victor also has a passion for enjoying herself. “Outside of work, I like to take it easy. End of workday is end of workday. Then I want to have as few obligations as possible. Taking a walk, watching series with the cats, spending time with my boyfriend… I’m a quiet and silent person who enjoys things like a true Burgundian”, she laughs. “Going out to eat with friends. A snack, a glass of wine or some bubbles. And pasta is the way that goes straight to my heart. That’s all I need.”

She brings that tranquility to the office as well. “Actually, I’m pretty low profile. You won’t hear me cracking jokes or singing behind my laptop anytime soon. I am better known for my focus and flexibility. People know they can come to me with questions and problems. Even though my schedule is full, I always try to make time to support my colleagues. That flexibility is really necessary to be a good team player. But it also helps to be able to meet last-minute customer requests. I enjoy that feeling when I manage to get something done in the nick of time.” Despite those last-minute adrenaline kicks, Laura still likes the long-term projects best. “If you can invest work and time in something, you just know the result will be good. The more in advance you can start, the more mindful you are of the details.”


Variation, balance and growth

There are several reasons why Laura likes working at Favorite! and All Colors of Communication. “Every day is different. Different projects, different team members… There are no boring days. And as a team, we really hang together and there is a strong bond of trust with the management as well. It’s a matter of give and take. The balance is right.”


I started without a position and now I’m managing several large projects. You really get the chance to taste, expand your responsibilities and specialize.


Moreover, there is also room for growth. Laura herself may be the living example of this. “I started without a position and now I’m managing several large projects. You really get the chance to taste, expand your responsibilities and specialize. Laura explains that evaluation moments are scheduled every 6 to 9 months: the Great Conversations. During those talks, employees can indicate how they want to develop. Everything is put on the table: strengths, weaker points… “The management thinks with you and also suggests new opportunities when they see them. That offers perspective.”


A look to the future

After 11 years, Laura is far from planning to leave the team. “My new opportunities lie in shaping the project team. I will have an overarching role and may also take on the mentorship of juniors and other newcomers.” When she found herself in that same position, there was no mentoring. Therefore, she knows better than anyone how important it is to have someone to turn to with your questions. “I really look forward to taking people by the hand and helping with the daily follow-up. You know, it takes a lot of effort and time in the beginning. But with the right support, juniors grow 10 times faster. And so you recover that investment of time in a big way.”

Also want to grow with the support of Laura? Check out our vacancies here. You are more than welcome to join our team!


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