Life as it is: an internship at All Colors

The first day of my internship, I found myself cleaning the coffee machine with the managing director. In fact, I didn’t even know yet that he was my boss. That actually says everything about All Colors of Communication: a company with a flat structure, where good cooperation is more important than titles and positions. No barriers, everything is negotiable here. During my internship at All Colors of Communication, I learned the true definition of teamwork.


Reality check

Immediately I realized that university had not been able to prepare me for the variety of tasks I would be presented with during my internship. Suddenly there I was, a young women with an extensive set of tasks for which I had not the slightest experience. All of the theory that I had spent hours studying at my desk was ready to be tossed away. And my colleagues at All Colors of Communication didn’t waste any time. They immediately made me a full member of the PR team. I received briefings about clients and information sessions on platforms and tools I would be working with. I was encouraged to brainstorm about PR stories and campaigns …

There was so much information to process that it seemed a bit frightening at times. And although everyone constantly said not to hesitate if I had any questions, I wanted to prove myself. I knew that everybody had work to do and didn’t want to disturb them too much.


During my time at All Colors, I learned that teamwork is more important than the individual theories you learn or the individual experiences you gain.


Team power

A few weeks into my internship, my individual bubble was punctured and it became clear to me how teamwork is the core principle at All Colors of Communication. When I got stuck writing a proposal for a journalist, a colleague suggested that I ask the copywriters from the content team for advice. All of a sudden, an expert was there to give me that extra push.

At All Colors, it is only natural that you don’t stick to your own team, but enlist the help of specialists in other teams as well. While I did an internship within the PR team, I also got the opportunity to work with colleagues from marketing, content, design and digital. I gained new insights, was even more proud of the assignments I worked on, and also felt much more comfortable within the company. Teamwork clearly gives confidence.

“The power of All Colors is in the team”, someone said to me at the beginning of my internship. And she was right. During my time at All Colors, I learned that teamwork is more important than the individual theories you learn or the individual experiences you gain. This is something that I will always keep in mind throughout the rest of my career, and I am also grateful to All Colors of Communication for the experience I was able to gain and the people I got to know.

Fortunately, the end of my internship was not the end of my time at All Colors. I was asked if I would like to return after completing my studies? Of course, I didn’t have to think about that for long. Right away I was looking forward to seeing everyone again, ready to really kickstart my professional career as part of this great team.

Interested in joining the All Colors of Communication team? Then check out our job openings!

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