5 reasons why video streaming services strengthen your marketing mix

The popularity of streaming services and video on demand (VOD) is driving a big switch from cable television to online streaming platforms or OTT (over the top). That alone is a good reason to consider ads on these channels, as more and more platforms are offering ads. Ans Verbuyst, digital marketer at All Colors of Communication, believes there are many more reasons to include streaming services in the marketing mix. Below she explains why.


Numbers first: the most recent viewing habits in Flanders

Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Disney+ or Streamz? Then you are not alone. According to imec’s Digimeter 2021, 55% of the people in Flanders have access to a paid streaming service. “The biggest rise in streaming is recorded within the group of 25-34 year-olds where 44% now have at least two streaming subscriptions. 53% use free content on VRT.NU, VTM GO and GOPLAY at least a couple of times a month”, reports imec. A lot of people even completely abandon cable TV, a phenomenon called cord-cutting. It is mostly nest leavers and young dual earners who decide to cut the cord. According to imec, the number of cord-cutters in Flanders has increased to 10%.

Not only streaming services but also social media like YouTube are shaking up traditional media. For example, 63% of the Flemish people watch YouTube on a monthly basis. We again see that especially young people are fans of the platform, with 91% using it at least once a month and half for whom it is a daily habit.

While streaming services and social media have been booming for some time, corona took it to the next level. The lockdowns completely changed our viewing behavior. Flanders is fragmented by different habits and we can roughly divide viewers into four categories:

  • the cable viewers (regular television)
  • the free streamers (platforms such as VRT.NU and GOPLAY)
  • the paying streamers (platforms such as Netflix and Streamz)
  • the social streamers (platforms such as YouTube and Twitch)

The figures speak for themselves: streaming is hot. It can also provide a great added value to your marketing mix, especially if your aim is to reach a specific target group.


The benefits of video ads on streaming services

  • Reach a larger audience at multiple moments
    • Through streaming services you reach people who don’t pay for cable television (anymore).
    • By combining ads on linear television with streaming, you expand your reach.
    • Thanks to video on demand, people can watch where and when they want. Not just in their living room, but also on the train, at work or on vacation. As a brand you are omnipresent in the life of the viewer.


  • Aim for the right target audience
    • Through linear TV, you generally reach a very broad audience.
    • Through streaming services, you can define your target audience in more detail. This means you can be more certain that you are reaching the right people.
    • You often have more control over the moments and content that show your ad. Your brand story will be strengthened if it appears next to relevant content.


  • Receive direct interaction
    • Online ads offer the opportunity to incorporate direct call-to-actions. You can immediately engage viewers by allowing them to click on links, buy products…
    • All these actions can also be measured, which is not possible with linear TV.


  • Get more control over data and budgets
    • A major advantage of online advertising is access to more extensive metrics, giving you more insights from your campaigns. Think for example of viewing time and engagement.
    • Moreover, online ads offers more freedom and flexibility. Campaigns can be evaluated and adjusted at regular intervals. When you book fixed broadcast time on linear television, it is not easy to adjust or downsize your campaigns.
    • Advertising on streaming services is often cheaper than linear TV, especially on social media like YouTube or Twitch.


  • Collaborate with influencers
    • The imec Digimeter 2021 reveals that the rise of video on social media goes hand in hand with the rise of influencers. In the total population, 31% say they follow influencers. Among young people, that figure is already 3 out of 4.
    • Influencers make it possible to tell your brand story in an authentic way. Depending on the target audience, a YouTuber or Twitch streamer can become an ambassador for your brand and include it in the videos they make. Read more tips on collaborating with influencers in this blog.



It is important not to cut the cable yourself (yet). The combination of ads on linear TV and streaming services is still interesting to get an extra large reach. In this way you bring together digital TV’s specific targeting and insights with the major impact of linear TV. The decision for this depends mainly on where your target group can be found and what budget is available. In any case, online ads offer more and more advantages in terms of targeting, insights and engagement. Do you decide to include online ads in the mix? Then keep your videos short and to the point. Make sure the essence comes first, so that people who skip your ad still get the message.

Wondering if video streaming ads are an opportunity for your business? Our digital team will figure it out for you. Contact us for more information.

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