3D designs and animations are magical, but will never replace print

He can draw, design in 3D, bake cakes and play air-drums: Ruud Van Bossche is one of the many multi-talents at Favorite! and All Colors of Communication. He went from whipped cream to printing and finally ended up in the wonderful world of communication. His official job title is ‘senior creative 3D designer’, but he is also a planner and team leader of the design department. Below he talks about his journey and his love for teamwork.


From cakes to communication

“I have been working here for 4 years now. Every day I enjoy creating 3D designs and animations. What’s funny is that I actually started in hotel school where I studied pastry. The cakes we made there, we had to draw in advance. As I started to put more and more effort in those drawings, they advised me in my third year of secondary school to switch to advertising. So I started the design course at Sint Lukas in Ghent, and the rest is history.”

Magical printing blood

As soon as Ruud graduated, he went to work in the family print shop. “My cousins were my colleagues and we always had fun at work. I did all kinds of things in the print shop: laying out paper, cutting flyers, folding folders, … You name it. The knowledge I gained there is still useful in my current job.” But after a while, he could no longer unleash all of his creativity on the printing presses. Almost immediately Ruud found a job as a flying graphic designer.

“As a flying designer, I worked at a different place almost every month. Each client had a unique way of working and I had to pick up things very quickly”, Ruud continues. “I became a real Jack of all trades. Let’s just say it was an intense period”, he laughs. In his search for stability, he ended up at Berlin in Antwerp. There he learned the tricks of 3D. “At Berlin, I really came alive. There was room for creativity, the clients were open minded and I learned to make very realistic renders of things that don’t exist in the real world.”

For Ruud, 3D is a bit like magic. “You can very quickly visualize ideas that are in someone’s head or bring a fantasy to life. You can’t always use photography to translate an idea, or at least not for the same price.” Still, digital 3D and animation will never replace print. “A leaflet is something you can grab, take with you and leaf through. Something digital only allows you to scroll quickly; it doesn’t stick in the same way.”


Gosh … I’m actually never in a bad mood! Rather a smile than a frown. And the colleagues always notice when I’m air-drumming The Killers again.


Teamwork makes dreamwork

Ruud eventually joined the team of Favorite! and All Colors of Communication. “When I started here, the design team consisted of three designers. Soon I took care of the planning and became team leader. In the meantime, our team has also expanded: we have people who focus on animation, others on banners or photography, concepts or 3D. We complement each other well.”

Ruud strongly believes in teamwork. “Coming up with concepts is not really my thing. My strength is to bring sketches and ideas of colleagues to life. I make additions, suggestions and let my creativity run wild. In my opinion, something is better when you do it together. 1 + 1 = 3, right.”

When there is room in the schedule, Ruud looks for opportunities to broaden the skills of the team. “Sometimes we bump into a question, a problem or an idea. We then tackle those things at quieter times. That way we are always learning and growing. Great projects will always come from learning. For example, the design of this 3D city for LeasePlan.”

Typical Ruud

“Something that typifies me? Gosh … I’m actually never in a bad mood! Rather a smile than a frown. And the colleagues always notice when I’m air-drumming The Killers again. But I am not ashamed of that. I also sing from time to time. That’s good for the atmosphere at the office. It’s what I find great about this agency: both the work and the fun are appreciated.”

Interested in joining the All Colors of Communication team? Then check out our job openings!

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